Precision Weight Automatic Bandsaw PW-Saw

Continuous automatic band saw that brings in a scanning system that achieves precision weight slices in accordance with weight-thickness parameters previously set.



  • For frozen meat and fish and for fresh* bone-in products
  • Continuous operation, no need to stop in order to load the product
  • Hygienic design for an easy cleaning process
  • Perfectly adjustable cutting speed which ensures high quality cuts
  • Completely safe operation (fully closed machine)
  • Cutting process with band saw
  • Versatile programming
  • Possibility of cutting at fixed thickness
  • User friendly interface

* under previous study


1. Product inlet belt
2. Control touch screen
3. Product gripping area
4. Product scanning
5. Product cutting area
6. Band saw
7. Saw dust collection
8. Final product outlet



Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 4200 x 1300 x 2050 mm
Machine width with open doors (W) 3500 mm
Max. measurements of produce (L x W x H) 700 x 250 x 250 mm
Band saw blade 2680 x 16 mm
Compressed air Pressure 6 bar (10l/compl. cycle)
Power 4,0 W
Tension 400V III 50 Hz