New Astech delegation in the Benelux area


Astech consolidates its presence in the Benelux market by opening a permanent delegation in the Netherlands, in the town of Schijndel.

The strong international character that we have acquired in the last 4 years and our interest in offering the best service to customers in this area, have encouraged us to make this great commitment to our company, which we face with great energy.
As a visible face for our Dutch office, we are fortunate to have Mr. Ton Bartels, with whom we share a close relationship since 2017, and his long experience in the sector, which will allow us to achieve our goal of providing a more direct treatment and close to the Benelux.
If you want to learn more about our history, visit the page of the prestigious meat&co magazine in Holland, where our beginnings to the present are explained, as well as the beginning of this new adventure.