Automatic saw with cutting inclined up to 50 degrees


In less than half a year, Astech has improved the functionality of the automatic band saw with degree cutting, being able to cut pieces of frozen product, with an angle from 0 to 50 degrees of inclination of the band saw blade.

Degree cutting Automatic bandsaw Astech

At the end of last year Astech launched onto the market the new automatic band saw to cut pieces by varying the inclination of the band saw blade, from 0 to 30 degrees, the SRA-D saw. This machine has all the advantages of the classic SRA but incorporates a new functionality that allows tilting the blade of the saw as the cutting cycle is performed.

This functionality is very interesting for cutting products in which the section decreases along the length but you want to keep a large section during the cycle, even in the last segment, when the section is smaller. The inclination of the band saw blade allows obtaining slices of greater section than the initial section of the product to be cut.

After launching the first machine, we set the objective of increasing the maximum inclination of the band saw blade, from 30 to 50 degrees, in order to achieve more satisfactory results. And now we are proud to announce that we have achieved it and our automatic cutting band saw with degree cutting SRA-D, is fully developed and operating at our customers' factory with a maximum inclination of 50 degrees.

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