Astech solutions to minimize waste and increase efficiency in fish processing


The current geopolitical and economic situation has led Astech Food Machinery to focus its R&D efforts on increasing efficiency and reducing waste in the production process.


Decrease in losses in the cut of frozen loin ‘tuna and swordfish’

The Astech PW-SAW automatic continuous cutting saw has a piece scanning system that allows cuts to be obtained at a controlled weight according to pre-established thickness and weight parameters.

Astech offers the possibility of integrating the entire production line, from the entry of the loins to the PW-SAW, to the exit of the correctly packaged and labeled slices.

Throughout the process, data capture systems, 'times and weights' can be incorporated. These allow better knowledge and control of the process, improving yields.

Once the system has all the process information, simulations can be carried out so that it is possible to know the performance of the different products before they are cut.


Efficient fish injection

Astech Food Machinery has the Artis FoodTech brand in which we are distributors of major brands of machines for the food sector.

One of the brands we distribute, Inject Star, with 56 years of experience and more than 50,000 machines manufactured, has developed a range of unique machines for fish injection.

The strategy to distribute the brine homogeneously throughout the fillet, using low pressure technology, stands out; control of the position of the injection point by means of a servomotor; and the unique design of the needles.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the hygienic and robust design of this Austrian machine manufacturer.


Improved efficiency in cutting frozen fillets using the Astech CC-5 slicer

Astech Food Machinery presents the new CC-5 cutter, specially designed for cutting frozen fillets of salmon and cod.

This machine has 4 saw blades separated by a preset distance. The fillets enter the conveyor belt and the 4 cuts are made at the same time. This achieves a very high production and with a simple work system.