Cutting to exact degrees - thickness


The SRA-D is designed to make parallel cuts with the option of tilting the saw blade up to 50 degrees. The angled cutting function makes it possible to obtain cuts with a larger section from the same initial product. The -D and -FD models comply with all quality requirements in cutting and processing as well as offering maximum safety during use.

Cutting from
0 to 50 degrees

Cutting to
exact thickness

Uniform cut

High loading

Operational features

Quality of cut, band saw up to 3600rpm. Constant product advance speed.

High output, 1 operative for 2 machines.

Completely safe working process (fully enclosed machine).

Versatile functioning: adjustable software and interchangeable gripping clamps.

Hygienic design for easy cleaning.

A robust machine with maximum precision.

Technical data

Machine dimensions (L × W × H) Consult according to model
Loading table dimensions (L × W × H) SRA-D: 1000 x 650 mm
SRA-FD: 1350 x 650 mm
SRA 2-D: 1000 x 800 mm
SRA2-FD: 1350 x 800 mm
Compressed air Pressure 6 bar (10,7l/complete cycle)
Power 8,2kW
Saw blade 3370 x 16 mm

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