Degree cutting bandsaw SRA-D

In addition to the advantages of the standard SRA, the SRA-D automatic bandsaw for cutting frozen bone-in or boneless product includes the new degree cutting function that allows the operator to obtain cuts with a greater section than the initial product.

The SRA-D and SRA-FD models maintain compliance with all the cut and process quality requirements as well as offer maximum safety during use.



POULTRY (turkey, chicken) BEEF (loin, cutlets, ribs,…)
LAMB (leg, rack, skirt, shank,…) FISH (tuna, blue shark, hake, salmon,…)
PORK (knuckle, ham, loin, ribs,…) CHEESES (blocks and rounds of cheese)



DEGREE CUTTING. With the rotation of the band saw, the supporting base of the product to be cut tilts the saw blade. As a result, the obtained cuts have a greater section than the ones obtained with the normal cut while still keeping the thickness specified by the client as well as any other settings that can be controlled by the program.


SELECTION OF THE CUTTING ANGLE. The inclination of the band saw is controlled by an automatic system and can be adjusted from 0° to 50°. The movement is carried out smoothly by a gearmotor controlled by an automaton which ensures maximum precision and a minimum loss of product due to the inclination.

Automatic bandsaw with degree cutting


QUALITY OF THE CUT. Bandsaw runs au to 3600rpm with a constant cutting speed.

HIGH PRODUCTION. 1 operator can work 2 machines.

OPERATIONAL VERSATILITY. Configurable software and interchangeable grippers.

SAFETY. Protection fence surrounding the machine and safety light curtain in the loading area.

HYGIENE. Made from stainless steel and suitable plastics.

ROBUSTNESS. Ensembles welded and assembled with the highest level of precision to ensure precise movements.

PRECISION. Movements performed by servomotors and calculations made by computer.



 Total dimensions  SRA-D  SRA-FD
 Width 3680 mm 3830 mm 
   + sawdust belt (920 mm) 4600 mm 4750 mm
Max. height 2420 mm
Standard length 2615 mm
   + rejection arm (945 mm) 3560 mm
Max. measurements of product SRA-D SRA-FD 
Section (W x H) 650 mm x 280 mm
Length (L) 1000 mm 1350 mm
Installed Power   7-10 kW
   + sawdust belt   + 0,55 kW
Linear cutting velocity 80 m/s

SRA-D: model with a standard loading table for products of up to 1000 mm in length.

SRA-FD: model with an extra-long loading table for products of up to 1350 mm in length.