Continuous cutting machine CC-2

For the longitudinal cutting of products, Astech has designed the Continuous Cutter CC2. The machine makes a longitudinal cut (centered or uncentered) along a chosen product such as pig's feet, beef legs, knuckles, blocks, etc.

Continuous cutting machine CC2 Astech

The CC-2 cutting machine is loaded manually and the continuous cutting is carried out using a bandsaw in a completely safe process.



QUALITY OF THE CUT. Products are guided laterally through the path with a constant cutting speed.

SAFETY. Automatic guiding of the products to the cutting area which is fully covered and inaccessible to the user during the operation.

ROBUSTNESS. Chassis manufactured with steel tubes and plates of high thickness that minimizes the vibrations and helps to obtain a clean cut.




Total dimensions 2210 mm x 950 mm x h=1900 mm
Max. height (lid open) 2700 mm
Unloading height 725 mm ± 40 mm
Power 3,6 kW
Voltage 400V III 50 Hz
Max. height 300 mm
Width range 30 mm -200 mm


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