Automatic saw SRA 3.0

Astech has designed an automatic saw for cutting both fresh and frozen bone-in or boneless product. It offers a high production rate, precision in the thickness of the cut, and the highest level of safety during use.




Astech Food Machinery has redesigned the “flagship” Automatic Saw, its SRA1. With this redesign we want to listen to the feedback of all customers over the years and apply their knowledge and experience to provide the market the most complete automatic saw.


New product gripping design. Minimizing product movement during the gripping process. With the same cutting surface, the footprint of the machine has been reduced.


Hygienically designed stainless steel loading table.


POULTRY (turkey, chicken) BEEF (loin, cutlets, ribs,…)
LAMB (leg, rack, skirt, shank,…) FISH (tuna, blue shark, hake, salmon,…)
PORK (knuckle, ham, loin, ribs,…) CHEESES (blocks and rounds of cheese)



QUALITY OF THE CUT. Constant cutting speed ensures high quality cuts.


HIGH PRODUCTION RATE. A single operator can work two machines simultaneously.

OPERATIONAL VERSATILITY. The integrated program offers a wide range of options for cutting configurations. Different products may also be cut by simply changing the grippers.


REINFORCED WHEELS. The brackets have been redesigned, so that it is possible to work with more tension on the blade. Now we are able to equip the band saw with 19mm blades instead of 16mm. Increased cutting accuracy and increased useful life of the saw blade.

HYGIENE. The entire machine, its mounting hardware and the safety fence are made from stainless steel and plastics that are safe for use in the food industry.

ROBUSTNESS. The machine’s chassis is made from high-thickness tubes and sheetsthat are welded together and assembled as a whole for exact adjustment and precise movements.

PRECISION. All of the cutting movements are performed by servomotors, and the calculations are made by a computer



Machine dimesions (L x W x H) 2970 (4040) x 1900 (3155) x 1955 mm
Loading area dimensions (L x W x H) 1000 x 650 x 200 mm
Maximum cut thickness 280 mm
Compressed air Pressure 6 bar (10,7l/complet cycle)
Power 8,2 kW
Cutting blade 2680 x 19 mm



Cleaning system of the cutting area

By means of a pump that gives pressure and a system of correctly positioned nozzles, we manage to clean the sawdust stucked to the product when it is fresh. This system is only recommended for cutting some pieces of beef and the process is carried out using water and antioxidant.

Exit conveyor

Designed to extract the product from the machine and discard the first and last cut by means of a sorting arm. The belt is completely hygienic and is guided by a drum motor.