Automatic frozen dice cutting F-DICER

Automatic machine for cutting frozen dices with and without bone, starting from plates.
Compact and robust machine that offers high production per operative, cutting precision, option to cut different formats and above all, maximum safety during use.


Hight quality cut. 

Automatic line to obtain dices from frozen product.

Hygienic design for easy cleaning.

Completely safe working processfully enclosed machine.

Possibility of cutting different dice measures.

Possibility of loading product from both sides of the machine.

Discs specifially designed to carry out this cutting process.

First machine on the market capable of cutting cubes from products frozen down to -21 °C.


Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 2160 x 1575 x 2065 mm
Minimum dice measures 15 mm
Loading area dimensions (L x W x H) 550 x 250 x 50* mm
Compressed air 25l/min
Power 17,5 kW