Automatic bandsaw SRA

Astech has designed an automatic saw for cutting fresh and frozen bone-in or boneless produce, offering high production per operator, precision in the thickness of the cut produce and especially the highest level of safety during use.



Astech is constantly redesigning the SRA automatic band saw in order to satisfy our customers needs. The new model launched in 2018 has new features that make the difference:


The SRA is no longer limited to the cut of frozen product - with which the results and productions are more than consolidated. Now, the SRA cuts fresh product (not frozen) with bone or fishbone. The limitation of the temperature of the product to be cut is reduced, so the range of the product to be processed is increased.


The band saw has a sawdust removing conveyor belt coupled and integrated into the machine's standard design. The extraction can be done in plastic boxes, 200 liter Euro tubs or big boxes.



POULTRY (turkey, chicken) BEEF (loin, cutlets, ribs,…)
LAMB (leg, rack, skirt, shank,…) FISH (tuna, blue shark, hake, salmon,…)
PORK (knuckle, ham, loin, ribs,…) CHEESES (blocks and rounds of cheese)



QUALITY OF THE CUT. Constant cutting speed ensuring high quality cuts.


HIGH PRODUCTION. A single operator can operate 2 machines simultaneously.


OPERATIONAL VERSATILITY. The integrated programme offers a wide range of options for cutting configurations. Furthermore, by changing the grippers, different products can be cut.


SAFETY. The whole machine is surrounded by a fence to prevent access to the interior, leaving free the loading area protected by a safety light curtain that stops the cycle whenever it is broken.


HYGIENE. The entire machine, its mounting hardware and the safety fence are made from stainless steel and plastics that are suitable for use in the food industry.


ROBUSTNESS. The machine’s chassis is made from high-thickness tubes and sheets, welded together and then machined as a whole for exact adjustment and precise movements.

PRECISION. All of the cutting movements are performed by servomotors, and all of the calculations are made by computer. 



Total dimensions SRA1 SRA1-F
Width 3320 mm 3670 mm
Max. height 2350 mm
Standard length 2530 mm
+ rejection arm + 945 mm (= 3475mm)
Max. measurements of produce SRA1 SRA1-F 
Section (A x H) 650 x 280 mm
Length (L) 1000 mm 1350 mm
Installed power   7,8 kW
+ sawdust belt   + 0,55 kW
Linear cutting velocity 80 m/s

SRA1: model with a standard loader for products of up to 1000 mm in length.

SRA1-F: model with an extra-long loader for products of up to 1350 mm in length.